Is Technology Taking Over Your Life?

Sometimes I wonder if technology is taking over my life. Do you ever ask yourself that same question? I see a commercial for yet another new, sparkly smart phone with even more bells and whistles and boy do I want one! Is there anything wrong with my current phone? Nope. I just like gadgets. On my desk right now I have two laptops, a Nook, a Google tablet, two phones and a Picture1Microsoft Surface! Yipes, this is honestly the first time I’d looked at how much tech I am surrounded by.

Honestly, there are mornings when I find myself checking out Facebook or looking at emails before I even get out of bed (even though I’ve blogged about how you should not do that). Once I get up I leave the phone in the office when I’m eating my breakfast and I am able to not check or answer email until I have completed some of the tasks on my to-do list — see I do sometimes practice what I preach!

Here are some reasons that you should balance your tech and your life:

  • Being constantly “plugged in” means you are “unplugged” from the life that is happening all around you. Do you take your smartphone when you’re on a walk? If you’re texting or talking, you are missing out on the relaxation and beauty that nature has to offer. Besides, taking a walk should be a time to relax and rejuvenate yourself — you can’t do that if you’re tied to your tech.
  • Do you use technology at the dinner table? My kids used to spend family dinner time texting their friends. Well, when your kids are grown, having dinner together is a rare treat and I had to ask them to leave the phones in another room. I wanted to make sure that the dinner hour was a time when we could all talk and catch up. It’s worked out well.
  • Do you play on your phone while you’re watching television? Do you have your phone nearby when you’re attempting to work on a crochet project (guilty!) or when you’re reading a book? Chances are, if you do, you’re not fully immersed in the task at hand, even if you’ve turned your phone ringer off. It was noted in a study I read recently that individuals check their phones more than 100 times a day (I may be way off on the figure, but even if I am, that is outrageous and I know I am one of the offenders).

What can you do to take a vacation from your technology even if it’s only for an hour? Can you leave the phone in another room while you undertake a project, or visit with family or settle in to while away the hours on a cold winter night by watching a movie? I’d love to know whether you’re addicted to your tech and if you can take a vacation from it.

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