Is It Just Me… Or Do Your Children Have No Manners?

I will admit that since I saw the AARP bulletin in the mail — addressed to yours truly — and a friend pointed out that I am “of a certain age” (ie #BabyBoomer) I have found myself getting aggravated with minor annoyances. I am chalking it up to the mailing and the “certain age” of it all.

I just spent a delightful four days in Colorado with the BlogPaws Team at our first planning summit of 2014. Because I live in NY and had to fly to CO I had ample opportunity to be placed in the vicinity of ill-mannered children and their overly indulgent parents. Oh, yes, in some of these cases the “children” were in their 20s. 

My children, I am happy to report are now young adults and were well behaved in public. Believe me when I say thatPicture1 while I am a pushover and can be nagged into submission by either of them, they learned manners and are polite and kind to strangers.

Here are some of my observations from spending time in an airport and on airplanes with these future menaces to society:

  • Parents, teach your children to chew food with their mouths closed. Can you image when they grow up and are potentially involved in business dealings with other adults and they chew as though they were raised by wolverines? You are not doing them any favors by not teaching table etiquette.
  • You may believe that your child is the most darling toddler to have ever graced an airplane, I, however, do not. I don’t appreciate him (or her) tugging on the back of my seat, pulling my hair, or generally annoying me on a flight. Keep your child in your seat, please and thank you very much.
  • Baby talk? Really? Okay I will admit that I baby talk to Henrietta but I do it in the privacy of my own home. If she and I are in public, I talk to her as I would any adult that I am with (do with that sentence what you will!) I don’t find baby talking from adults to be cute or lovable in any instance. Please, you’re an adult, act like one.

I’m sure I have more that I could come up with, but let’s leave my list of aggravations at three today, shall we? What do you do to combat things/people that annoy you when you simply can’t get away?

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  1. Wow great post. You do so well as a humorist, I hope you pen more. I loved this, it’s perfectly understandable to talk to your dog as an adult when out in public. No need to embarrass her…

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