Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me? #BabyBoomer Blogging Thoughts

Yes, there are days when I wonder the exact thing that I posted in my headline. There are days it could mean I’m hot because of the medications I am on (thank you #breast cancer) or there are days when I am just on fire with thoughts and blogs that need to be written and the ideas are just flowing.

True there are days when blogging is a slog through quicksand and when I forget simple terms like, “blog” and “idea” and many, many more (like my kids’ names, but don’t tell them!) I blame those times on #BabyBoomer brain. Let’s face it I have been on this 20140313_103728earth for a while now and have accumulated myriad bits of information; at some point some of them are going to slip through the cracks — you know, in order to make room for more.

This morning I wondered, why do so many of the business owners I talk with and work on content strategy sessions with have such a fear of blogging, or for that matter, writing in general. I wondered if because like many of the daily tasks they do for their businesses, writing is not an automatic task. For those of us who blog regularly, blogging aka writing, second nature. If I had to sit behind a desk and, say, do your taxes or counsel you on intimate family matters, well I think I would draw a blank on those tasks because they are outside of my comfort zone and area of expertise.

If, however, you are an entrepreneur determined to kickstart a blog for your business, here are some ways to make blogging as natural a habit as grabbing that morning cup of coffee:

  • To steal a popular phrase, Just Do It! Writing is one of those tasks that the more you do it, the more you do it. To get started you need to have a road map toward the end. Action step: Pick a topic with which you are familiar, write it down then write about it. For example: Today I wanted to blog about Baby Boomer issues and blogging itself — I wrote those two terms down and viola. If you’re an accountant you may want to write about the top ten tips for filing your taxes.
  • Write daily. “They” say it takes 21 days to make a habit stick and I feel that is just about right. Whether you write a blog post a day or write a blog post on one day then tweak it for the next couple and then on the third day you make a list of topics about which to write you are still getting in the habit of daily writing.
  • Spend some of your writing time jotting down topics that are of interest to you, about which you have expertise and which may be relevant to your business.
  • If you don’t know a fact, don’t make it up. For example, “All business owners that blog see an increase in new clients by 99% than those that don’t.” That would be an amazing stat, but can I back it up? Not likely. Do your homework.
  • Remember, quality over quantity. You do not need to blog War and Peace, in fact your readers would prefer short, to the point blog posts. Give ’em what they want.
  • Have a proofreader for your work. If you don’t have anyone who can proofread your posts, then at least let them sit a day, go back the next day and look at them with fresh eyes. This can help you catch errors.
  • Now that you are blogging, make certain you have social media pages on which to promote your blog posts. Discover where your audience is: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and promote the posts there. Remember though, social media sites are for being social, not merely for writing, “hey look at this blog post I wrote.” Great for you that you wrote a post, but give the reader something more than a sales pitch; give them news and information they can use. Be the go-to source for relevant, intriguing information.
  • If you decide that blogging is just not for you I have two suggestions: 1) take the blog tab off of your website. You don’t want a potential client coming to your site and seeing the last time you blogged was six months ago; they may wonder whether you’re still in business or 2) hire a professional to blog for you. A professional can take your ideas and shape them into blog posts and social media updates that will keep your name in front of both current and potential clients.

What is stopping you from getting hot and blogging for your business?


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