I’m A Cat Enabler

Cats are weird. I say that with full conviction having been around them my entire life. The day after I got my first apartment, I got the first cat I had ever made the complete decision to adopt. She was a Siamese, named Skye. She was a talker, as many Siamese are. Skye was my first, but throughout my adult life, we have had anywhere from one to five cats living in the house with us.

Lucy at the shelter

Lucy at the shelter

Currently we have Parker, Jessie and Lucy.

Lucy is the weirdest cat I have ever lived with. My daughter sent me a picture of Lucy when she saw her on Instagram in a photo the shelter posted. Naturally, my curiosity was piqued and down to the shelter I went. She was odd from the beginning. I picked her up and snuggled her at the shelter and she went all limp and slinky-like lolling around in my arms. She looked into my face and started chattering – she was more of a talker than even Skye had been. She bumped her head against my face, nibbled my fingers and basically demanded that I bring her home – who was I to deny her?

There are several times a week when we play the “what doesn’t belong” game and it’s always Lucy in a space she doesn’t belong. We wonder how she even got in the space we’ve found her, but we have long ago given up trying to figure it out.

Currently Lucy reigns supreme. She chases Jessie away from the food. Parker will be driven off the couch if Lucy decides she wants the cushion he is lounging on. Henrietta doesn’t give in to her bullying and sometimes it ends up in an all out barking, meowing pet war.

Her weirdest behavior, to date, is her obsession with a blanket I bought. The first day I brought it home, she launched herself onto my lap and began kneading the blanket, sucking on one corner and drooling. Gross, but kind of cute. The next day I grabbed the blanket, carried it through the house with Lucy following along, like a puppy. I stopped to catch a snippet of something on the television and she howled and started clawing at me and the blanket. I sat down and she, again, went all kooky with the kneading.

Lucy in THE blanketLucy always sits on my lap. It is almost impossible to read a book because she needs to be in my lap with her belly pressed to mine and her head under my chin. She spins in circles, flicking her tail, until she finally settles in. When the blanket comes out, though, she rolls around, makes odd, throaty noises, kneads and drools. The blanket has been washed. It’s nothing all that spectacular and we have softer, warmer blankets in the house, but for some reason Lucy has claimed this blanket as her own, has imprinted on it and brought her weirdness to it.

It’s become a joke to try and get the blanket out without her noticing it. Never works. She sees it and sprints through the house to claim her lap space. I’d like to think it’s my sparkling personality, wit and inherent ability to pet her for hours, but I believe it’s probably a “blanket thing.” Do your pets have any weird behaviors? I’d love to hear about it.

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