How’s your 2010 writing plan shaping up?

The new year is still young but have you made plans to begin your writing career? Have you searched out opportunities for freelance writing? Have you taken time to put “Writing” into your daily calendar? If not, what are you waiting for? There is still a week to come up with your plan for a 2010 writing career launch.

Demand Studios could be an option for your writing expertise. How about checking Craig’s List under the writing/editing section or under Gigs for writing or creative? Is there a local newspaper that you feel could use more content? Do you have an idea for a filler? Fillers are snippets of information — Top 5 or 10 lists; How-Tos; Quick and Easy (fill in the blank — dinners, cleaning tips, ways to make road trips with kids fun, etc.)  Are you opinionated? If so, consider sending in a Letter to the Editor.

Once you see your name in print I can pretty much guarantee that will feed your need to see your name in print even more often.

Your first order of business should be to sit down at figure where you want to see your name appear, what your areas of expertise are and then schedule time every day to get that writing done. You don’t need large, uninterrupted chunks of time to write — take advantage of lunch hours at work or other snippets of time you can grab throughout the day.  You can’t become a writer or a writing career without putting fingers to keyboard.

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