How To Create A Content Bank

how to create a content bank

As a full time writer who creates content for clients in various fields, I understand the importance of having a content bank. My “content bank” is an editorial calendar  I prepare for each client.

This editorial calendar aka content bank provides potential themes upon which to write, specific topics to cover, holidays that tie in with the business and keywords we want to focus on while writing a post.

Heidi Cohen, of Actionable Marketing Guide, spoke at #SMMW18 about the importance of having a content bank. There is nothing worse, I can tell you from experience, than knowing you have to write a blog post or article and having the blank screen mock you because you don’t have a single idea about what to write.

Heidi spoke on the topic of, “How to Generate Quality Ideas to Fuel Consistent Content Creation. I do have my own way of doing this for my clients, but I love getting expert insight and advice and have listened to Heidi speak before and knew the session would be incredible – I was not wrong!

Here are some of the ideas that Heidi put forth as a way to build your own content bank based on the B.R.A.V.O. method.

B – brainstorm a swipe file
R – rest and let your brain percolate ideas
A – assess the ideas and select the best
V – vet and qualify the ideas and connect them with a keyword
O – outline the content

Heidi recommends taking time to generate at least ten ideas per day.

She also shared the T.A.P. method of content creation.

T – transform the ideas that influencers and your frenemies have shared
A – ask your audience what they want to know
P – piggyback on current trends

how to create a content bankWhen you’re truly stumped for ideas, or time, repurpose content that has been popular on your site. Heidi called that the, “Bestseller List.”

My key takeaways from the session were:

  1. Educate my audience
  2. Interview and spotlight audience members and/or clients
  3. Let people have a “behind the scenes” look at how I work

If you’re struggling to create content start today by keeping a calendar of potential topics. Write down every idea you have, no matter whether it seems to fit your niche. Attend conferences and networking events and listen to the questions people ask and the solutions shared – do they inspire content creation ideas for you?

Don’t forget: Never leave home without a notebook and pen or have your phone handy to jot down any ideas that pop into your head. Ideas will float away like mist if you’re not diligent in capturing them.

 Creating a content bank or writing down your ten ideas a day is an ideal #30MinuteLifestyle practice. Grab your notebook, set a timer for 30 minutes and jot down daily ideas for your content creation. 

Want to know more about living a #30MinuteLifestyle? Send me an email: Robbi AT AllWordsMatter DOT COM

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