How Great (Or Not) Is Your Customer Service?

What’s the last time you had great customer service? Horrible customer service? What did you do about it? Many of us — myself included — typically sigh and walk away, vowing to never visit that store or website again, but we don’t usually say anything. If, however, we do speak up, it’s usually to complain about the bad, rather than to tout the good, right?

In the past I was more likely to complain to friends and family if my food was undercooked, the shoes I ordered weren’t quite as advertised, or if the book I purchased had so many typos I couldn’t even finish it. I rarely went to the source, I simply never gave that establishment my money again. Today though, with so many companies having social media pages, it is easy to voice your pleasure or displeasure at the moment of your unhappiness. I know I’ve done it, recently.


Several weeks ago I placed my first order ever with Bed, Bath & Beyond. After several days went by and I had yet to receive a notification of the order shipping I posted a Facebook status update basically saying I was unhappy and wanted my new Kuerig coffee pot now! Less than five minutes later, someone from Bed, Bath & Beyond had called me up to discuss my update. They also explained their shipping fulfillment practice on the weekend — essentially it was my impatience and the fact that I didn’t read the shipping info for weekend fulfillment. Talk about customer service! I was blown away!

I went back to my FB page and updated with the current development. You can also believe that when I discovered my order had been upgraded to overnight shipping and that my coffeemaker came the next day, I talked about that, too!

With that simple phone call, I was converted to a Bed, Bath & Beyond advocate, the fact that they upgraded my shipping… wow, I was blown away.

I have also had dealings that were not so satisfactory with Dearfoam and a pair of slippers I’d purchased that fell apart after one week of wearing. I never heard back from them and couldn’t take the slippers back because they’d been worn.

Two completely different customer service experiences. I certainly hope that with my dealings with my clients that I offer exemplary customer service but I hope that if for some reason I don’t, they will let me know. don’t you hope the same from your clients? The alternative is that you lose a client and you never know why.


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  1. Customer service is one of my top priorities, but I know sometimes when I get really busy, I let it slip. I always hope a customer who feels dissatisfied will come to me…but I know that doesn’t always happen.

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