How Do I Get Rid Of Bees?

The hive with bees flying in & out

The hive with bees flying in & out

If you know me at all you know that I view the out of doors as a place fraught with potentially dangerous elements:

  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Bees
  • Mosquitoes
  • Horseflies
  • The sun

You can imagine my level of freak out when I looked out the backdoor last week when I was home alone and noticed a very active looking bee hive. The hive was huge (even by my level of exaggeration) and it was hanging right by where Spenser had been lying in the grass not three days ago. Being allergic to bees made this “find” even more horrifying. Add to that the idea that I am convinced that most every bee is of the “let’s swarm and kill you type” and you can appreciate the fact that I closed and locked the backdoor and peered through the window at the bees flying in and out of the hive.

Henrietta usually likes to go out by the woods to do her business, but with the bee hive out back we stayed to the front of the yard.

Sunday afternoon I pawed through the Pennysaver looking for an ad for someone, anyone, to come and get rid of the hive. My son had the idea of dousing it with gas and setting it on fire — that didn’t seem all that safe to me so I was looking for a professional. I didn’t find a bee guy in the paper but found a business that would “take care of” rodents and other wildlife and they put me in touch with Eco-Serve Pests a local pest removal company. We talked and they were going to come out the next day to check things out. 

Jon from Eco-Serve spraying the hive

Jon from Eco-Serve spraying the hive

Jon & the hive from the tree

Jon & the hive from the tree

When Jon, the bee remover superhero, arrived he looked at the hive and said, “That has to have been there for more than three days.” But honestly we would have noticed it because that is where Spenser sleeps when he is outside. So, either these bees were truly industrious and scarily fast with building the hive or it was higher in the tree, covered in leaves and we just didn’t notice it until it got heavy enough to be as low to the ground as it was.

Jon said we have a hive of bald-faced hornets. The scariest part about hearing what species they were was hearing that they are carnivores. You read that right. These bees eat meat. They will either eat carrion or could potentially kill a wounded mammal and devour that. They will also swarm a person if you get too close to the hive and have the potential to kill you with the multiple stings. This is not a great thing for someone who is allergic to bees to hear.

Anyway, Jon looked at the hive then went to his truck to don his bee suit. I swear the bees looked riled up when he approached the hive with his spray in hand. He doused the hive with an insecticide that foamed over the hive, killing the bees. After letting that spray do its job, he went back out, poked holes in the hive and sprayed more bee-killing juice inside the hive. I cowered inside the house, peering out through the window, imagining that this spray would piss them off rather than kill them.

Once Jon was convinced they were dead he went out, cut the hive out of the tree and put it in a bag. He said he could have put in the garbage can because they were all dead but I didn’t quite trust that they wouldn’t somehow come back to life overnight so I told him he could take the hive with him. He did seem rather impressed at its size and heft — a few pounds. Let that sink in. A few pounds of bees and the larva of potential bees. Shudders.

Removing that hive doesn’t assure that these carnivorous killers won’t be back, but for now my yard is hive free. Thank you!


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  1. Oh wow! Yes, I once rented a guest house that had a small area between the back of the house and the neighbors fence. I walked into the room one day (that I rarely used) and heard buzzing. Turns out, the ENTIRE back wall of the house was honeycomb and billions of bees. It was insane. Another month and they would have gone through the interior wall as well! Glad you got these guys wrangled.

    • Hi Stacy, it was scary, especially with being allergic but when I found out they are carnivores, it was like YIPES! OMG on you have a houseful.

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