Henrietta’s Psychic Abilities Kick In With Impending Travel

I enjoy listening to Coast To Coast AM radio and hearing about individuals with psychic visions and
6a0120a678c547970b017c31695480970b such, I always wonder if Henrietta, my Diva Poodle has psychic abilities! I do know she senses my mood when I'm angry or upset. When I'm having either of these emotions, she sits in front of me and stares at me until I pick her up. Well naturally once I pick her up and notice that she's acting nervous, I force myself to calm down so that she will. 

This week's "psychic event" had to do with the mini-vacation the family planned to the Thousand Islands. I was so excited for this brief getaway, and once I pulled out my suitcase, Henrietta's psychic abilities kicked in. She started hopping in and out of the bag — making it almost impossible for me to pack. She kept dragging her toys out of the suitcase after I'd so thoughtfully packed them for her! Even if I hadn't picked up her toys and put them in the suitcase and packed her traveling water and food dish, she has a sixth sense for when I might be leaving the house. No matter where I moved in the house, there she was, silently stalking as if to say, "Don't even think you're getting out of this house with that suitcase without me!" 

While Henrietta is much happier being ensconced in her own home with her own comfortable routine, she wouldn't fare well being boarded so she goes on all family vacations. To make it more comfortable for her (and frankly for us) while away from home I always take her favorite Eeyore blanket, her favorite toys (which means ALL of them) and we get her a treat of a huge chewbone for those occasions when we may leave her at the rental house while we go out to dinner. A chewbone, for Henrietta, is a major treat because frankly she is truly too mean and growly to be allowed a bone at home so she only gets one when she is the only pet in the house.

My other traveling preparations include packing up Henrietta's vet records, grabbing her harness for walking and her car seatbelt harness — she never rides in the car without being safely strapped in. She is hyper-vigilant when we're away from home, watching our every move, keeping an eye on our suitcases (maybe making sure we don't pack without her?) and dragging her own items toward the packing location once it's time to head home. 

She is also always more relaxed when we're heading back home than she was on the ride to the vacation spot. Truly makes me wonder at her "psychic abilities" to know what's going on in the family. Does your pet have psychic abilities? Does she know when you're getting ready for a vacation? How do you deal with travel anxiety? 

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