Henrietta And Her Partially Torn ACL

Henrietta, is and this is putting it mildly, a wild woman when it comes to her activity levels in the house. There are times, at least once a day, when she will dash around like she's in an agility class — under the chair rungs in the kitchen, up and over the large end table, bouncing off the back of the couch, grabbing toys, hopping on and off the bed (even when she uses her steps it's still a long leap). On Tuesday, during one of her frenetic episodes everything stopped short when she toppled over and cried out. 

She was limping and listless for quite a few hours. I took her to the vet and the verdict was: partially torn ACL. My vet didn't recommend surgery. At this point we are on pain medications and limited activity. Henrietta is already rather accustomed to my carrying her around and I happily comply with her barky demands. Here's hoping and praying she doesn't need to go through any kind of surgery. My friend, Carol and her lovely pup Dexter have deal with torn ACL issues so I know I have an expert with whom to discuss it. 

Here's my first shot at a video of my limping girl. 



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