Have something to say? Why not get paid for it

Do you have articles sitting in a desk drawer (figuratively, of course, because you’ve likely stored everything on your computer)? If you have articles written or have ideas for articles that could be written — by you — here are some ideas of places to submit your writing; and perhaps even make money.

  1. (of course I am a bit partial to this site. Check out the “Write for us” section. (mention that you heard it from me)
  2. This site accepts articles and videos on myriad subjects. See if you have something that fits.
  3. This site sells your articles to publishers. Be advised they have stringent quality controls in place before they will accept your work.
  4. It calls itself the “most comprehensive online magazine” and offers many sections in which to prove your expertise and perhaps earn some income
  5. offers upfront payment for articles — you won’t get rich but you could make steady income that could add up

Whatever work you post — make certain it is your own. These sites, as with all reputable sites, frown on plagiarism. What are you waiting for? Get writing — and selling!

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