Have 15 Minutes? 15 Social Media Items You Accomplish

Picture2There just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all, are there? You have to complete Project X, Y or Z, but then I realized that rather than looking at Project X as a HUGE project, I started looking at it as project that could break into bite size morsels and actually complete. The idea of breaking that big project down into smaller portions relieved a lot of stress and got me to thinking… what could I (or you) accomplish in 15-minute chunks.

When you consider what can be done to build the reach of your pet blogging and social media campaigns in less than 15 minutes a stretch, you will likely be even more productive than you’d ever imagined.

Here are 15 items you could complete in 15 minutes (or less):

  • Research a blog post
  • Take a picture for upcoming blog posts
  • Outline a proposal to a site on which you’d like to be a guest blogger
  • Write a blog post (yes, a post can be written in 15 minutes!)
  • Write down notes on updates you want to make to your website
  • Pen a paragraph for a book you want to write
  • You could write five (challenge yourself for 10) Tweets
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes and update your LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook page
  • Brainstorm blog ideas then put them on your editorial calendar
  • Comment on three blog posts by pet bloggers that you follow
  • Pick up the phone and finish an interview with an influential pet blogger (provided you had it scheduled prior to your 15-minute time slot)
  • Connect with five individuals or businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+
  • Comment on status updates of individuals or business pages that you follow
  • Add to, delete from, or sign up for Google alerts.
  • Dive into those to-be-read books in your stack so you can get them reviewed and on your website.

What can you accomplish in 15 minutes? 

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