Getting trendy and topical

Do you ever sit down and want to write but just never know what to write about? I find I am running into that problem when I work on my Examiner page. I want to supply readers with information that will help them grow their writing careers but still remain topical. If you find yourself struggling with the same thing — wanting to be topical and searchable but still needing to convey your particular message, go to Google Trends to see what everyone is talking about. (for instance recently it’s been Michael Jackson, Cash for Clunkers and the freed journalists)

I found a way, recently to work the journalists into my writing pages Car ( My friend, Joanne, who is a Christian Examiner wrote about the Cash for Clunkers program by tying it into basic common sense lessons on spending and saving. I could certainly write about the Clunkers program by telling readers to pitch an article on car repair and maintenance (keeping that clunker running), going green in general (whether by trading in a car for a more fuel efficient one or with lower cost options) You see the trend?

It’s pretty easy to find a trending topic and put your own spin on it to get your message across and bring your readers in.

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