Five New Year’s Blogging Resolutions To Implement

The New Year is looming and with it comes a feeling of "I have to do something to make a change… in my life, blogging, diet, etc." We sometimes get so bogged down in the "What I should be doing" that we get frozen and do nothing.

The same holds true with our pet blogs. We are  bombarded with "do this NOW for blog success" or "don't do this EVER if you want readers to come to your blog." It's difficult sometimes to turn out the noise and simply blog, am I right? There are steps you can take to enhance your pet blogging efforts and there are particular items you should avoid, you need to make the decisions that sit right with you.

Pet blogging is a personal endeavor, but I do have a few vows that I made to myself when I jumped into

pet blogging. I'd like to share those with you now (feel free to add them to your New Year's resolutions!): 1471382_10201960120099964_2134982063_n

  1. Be active. If you want to have readers you need to offer them something to read. Some bloggers are comfortable with putting up a new post twice a month and if that works for them, then that's fine and that's the decision they've made with the time they have available. It's a known fact though, that the more you blog, the more reason readers will have to come back to your site and the more Google power you will receive. Determine how often you can blog, stick with it and if you want to, announce to your readers, "Check back every Tuesday for new content." 
  2. Let your personality shine through. If you want to do your blog in the voice of your dog or cat, then go for it. There are many successful blogs that do just that. In addition to coming to your site for the content you offer, your readers come to your pet blog for the unique spin you put on the topics you cover. Don't muffle your creativity. 
  3. Use great pictures. If you're a pet blogger,chances are your pets can provide you myriad opportunities to snap a photo of them doing something cute that you can use on your site or in your blog posts. Readers are drawn into blog posts that offer pictures (and picture also help with your Pinterest efforts)
  4. Be personable and personal. While your pet blog shouldn't be your "Dear Diary" readers want to feel they "know" you through your blogging efforts. Has something happened with your pet that you want to share with the world? Do it. Pet owners know that not all days in the world of pet parenting are bright and sunshiney — there are days that try your heart and soul — let your readers see into your life and make a personal connection with you and your pets. 
  5. Make friends and shake some paws! If you receive comments on your blog, respond. Thank the individual who comments. Your blog, just like your social media pages, should be used to foster friendships and conversations. 

What blogging "vows" do you adhere to or what ones will you implement this year? 

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