Find Your Authentic Self

I have been attending several meetings in the past few weeks and many of them have had some┬ácomponent or another of “knowing who you are” so you can better function in your business, Picture2 better function in your life and better serve your clients (yes, this is different than functioning in your business).

While I am not much for self reflection and introspection, I am willing to circle answers of items that appear to pertain to my personality type — just don’t ask me to share that information with you — that’s not my style and I am certain that says something about knowing who I am, but that’s for a later post (and a much shorter sentence!).


It’s been interesting to learn my “financial type” because it has helped me understand the buyer’s remorse I feel at the purchase of even a tube of mascara; and yes I shop at Walgreen’s because they will take back both used and unused make-up. I rarely return items but I need the safety net of knowing that I can if I want to.

One of the most crucial items I learned in a seminar at the National Speaker’s Association meeting today is if I knew the type of clients I worked with it would help me understand how my personality will mesh — or contrast — with theirs. For example, I found I am rather rigid and need to have all of the facts before I dive in (this may not be a surprise to anyone who knows me) and one of my clients is very enthusiastic, willing to jump into multiple projects; we work well together because I can ask the questions and take the steps to help her see the projects come to life and she can continue to pursue her latest idea. This does truly show that it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

Knowing why you mesh, or don’t, with clients and family members can certainly help your business and personal relationships thrive and your conversations take on new meaning. When you’re continually bumping heads with someone, it could just be your ingrained personality, not that they simply can’t see your brilliance!



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