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I’ll be honest. When it comes to a newsletter I am more of a “do as I say, not as I do” practitioner. That is about to change! Why? Well, because it’s on my editorial calendar, “Start a newsletter” and the topics for those newsletters are listed. I prefer to think of my newsletter as an ezine. Why? because I feel an ezine is more suited toward the way my thought processes work and I want my ezine to offer great, usable content to my subscribers. Not that a newsletter can’t or doesn’t — it’s semantics, folks.

Now that I have committed to starting my ezine, what are some of the benefits I believe I will reap? Here are some and take note, these are geared toward you, the fellow entrepreneur, and these are reasons you should commit to your newsletter/ezine/whatever you want to call it.

Stay connected.

enewsletter tips With an ezine I will be able to stay connected to my followers. I can share blog posts that I’ve written they might find useful. I can share the blog posts of my colleagues that I think my followers will find useful. Your followers check their emails regularly. Brace yourself — they may not find the time to check your blog regularly. Insert “gasp” here. I know I forget to check blogs, but if I get a newsletter with an intriguing link you bet I will click through. Pique my interest and I will click. Leave me to my own devices and chances are I won’t remember your site. Not because I don’t love you and your content, but because I am too busy and my to-do list is too long and if “read your blog” doesn’t make it to my list, it won’t happen.

Be in control of your business destiny.

If you blog, you can’t control who will read it. Please refer to “stay connected” above. With your email list you can “control” what they hear from you and when. You have no control over Facebook and whether your readers and followers will see your post (unless you pay for an ad). You can’t control Pinterest or Twitter or your YouTube video views. With a newsletter, you have access to people who WANT to hear from you. Feed them what they want and they will remain loyal.

Speaking of loyal…

If you have an email list you have already established a level of trust. Those people have willingly given you access to their inbox. They have handed over the keys to the castle! Tread lightly and they won’t take that key back aka unsubscribe. Make sure your emails aren’t all of the “selly-sell” as Chris Brogan puts it. Of course your subscribers know you will be trying to sell them something at some time, just don’t do it EVERY time you hit their inbox. Send them information they can use in their business.

Do you have an email list? Are you staying front of mind with your subscribers? If yes, congratulations! If not, why not? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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