Enough With The Cat Videos!

Henrietta here (my minion, Robbi is typing my thoughts!) Okay, so I know that humans seem to love piano
Clydeparker playing cats, and cute kitties in a bathtub, or even cuter kittens all in a pile in a tiny shoe box. How do I know they're popular? Because I hear Mom laughing out loud every time she opens her Facebook page. 

Now, though I heard on the morning news that there's a Cat Video Film Convention?! Where's the justice? I'm off to find a way to organize a cute Poodle video convention. Who's with me? 

I spend my day being chased around by Clyde the Out of Control Kitten. Don't let the cute picture of him here, with Parker, fool you… he is typically chasing and generally bothering me as I'm trying to rest. 

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