Energy? Energy, Where Are You?

There are days when I am faced with the blank page, the blank screen and words simply do not want
to come out. It doesn’t matter though, as a full time writer I have no choice but to write whether the muse graces me with her presence or not. She is a fickle bitch at times, but I have learned to work around her moods and lack of showing up when I need her.

Knowing that you have to write, as I do for a living, means that I have trained my brain to be “on” whether I am really feeling it or not. On those days when my energy is flagging I make certain my inner editor is turned on full force because I will formulate run on sentences and even use words that might not make sense.

Thankfully, taking a step back and looking at my posts even a few hours later brings the mistakes into focus and allow me to fix them and make the posts live. Using an editorial calendar also helps keep me focused and keeps the words flowing.

If you work an outside job and blog for fun, how do you get the energy when you’re simply feeling drained? Do you force yourself to write whether you want to or not? Do you take advantage of those days when you are brimming with energy and ideas and write myriad posts all at one sitting? I’d love to know how you get over the hump when you simply don’t want to write but know your readers are waiting.

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