Dog Dental Care Made Easy #DogDentalHealth

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There are times that the Diva Poodle, Henrietta, and I like being part of the “in crowd.” In the case of dental disease we do not like that she could be part of the more than 80% of all dogs (and 70% of all cats) over the age of three who could be suffering from dental disease.

Henrietta surrounded by dental health treats

Henrietta surrounded by dental health treats

Henrietta does not always love having her teeth brushed, and honestly I didn’t start getting her accustomed to that until she was “too old” to want to learn that new trick. Because of that we spend a lot of time at PetSmart® perusing the dental health aisle. She and Spenser both love dental treats and have long chewed their Greenies® because our vet recommended them when she saw that the dog’s teeth were showing signs of tartar and plaque.

Because of our participation in this program we decided to check out some of the dog dental health items from PetSmart that we hadn’t tried in the past. When I read the ingredients list on the bag of Blue Bones® I wanted to try

Spenser chewing his Whimzees alligator

Spenser chewing his Whimzees alligator

them because it was a short list of ingredients, but more importantly I wanted Henrietta to have them because they promote joint and bone health and with her issues with her partially torn ACL and the laser treatments she has been undergoing for the past four months, I am always looking for any additional help for those issues. I also don’t like to give her snacks that are “empty calories” ie something that just tastes great but doesn’t offer additional benefits. The Blue Bones fit the bill.

The bag of Whimzees™ caught my eye because… tiny alligators! Not only are these treats high in fiber and low in sugar but they are, frankly adorable! I also thought this would be a treat fit for Spenser who weighs in at about 125 pounds and also for Henrietta who tops the scales at eight pounds. I like that the chews kept Spenser busy as he typically chews through treats in less time than it takes me to zip the bag back up!

Henrietta carried her Whimzees alligator around the house for close to an hour squirreling it away and out of sight so

Spenser's pearly whites

Spenser’s pearly whites

she could gnaw away at it undisturbed. I felt this chew gave both dogs a great dental work out.

I know I need to get better at brushing my dogs teeth, but until that comes to fruition I know that giving them dental health treats is helping to loosen plaque and tartar and helping their teeth stay healthy.


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