Do You Spend Too Much Time With Your Pet? Tips To Tell

There comes a time in every pet lover’s life when you have to ask yourself, “Is it possible that I need to Hen at table
interact with humans more often?” If you’ve ever wondered if you spend too much time home
alone with Fluffy or Fido, here’s a checklist to make that determination:

  1. You look over to the pillow next to you and ask your pet if he thinks it’s time to get up yet.
  2. Before you get dressed you pull out a couple of outfits and ask your pet, “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?”
  3. You greet visitors with a belly rub rather than a hello.
  4. You’ve stopped talking back to the television and ask your pet, “Can you believe Snookie just said that?”
  5. When friends ask how old your dog is you say, “Oh, she’s 37 months old.” And you can – and will – let them know not only the date and time she was born, but her weight and length as well.
  6. Your dog sits in a chair at the opposite end of the dinner table for all of the meals and you keep up a running commentary about the news topics of the day.
  7. Your social and/or dating calendar revolves around your pet. There are simply times when she seems out of sorts so you cancel dates.
  8. Your dog’s wardrobe is more extensive than your own.
  9. When you talk about “Sam” with new acquaintances, it takes them a while to realize Sam is a four-legged companion, not a two-legged one.
  10. Your dogs’ birthday parties more elaborate than the ones you’d planned for your children.

I will admit that a couple of the items in the top ten jump out at me for reasons I should get out of the house more, but thenHenrietta is not seeming herself today so I can run those errands tomorrow, right?


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