Do You Have Priorities? Really?

I’ve found that if I write a to-do list and keep it open on my desk I get a lot of work done. Without the list, I spend time poking around on Facebook, reading Tweets, and channel surfing. I also am find I need to eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and jump into work first thing in the morning — having a meeting first thing in the morning means I will have to work later into the evening. I do try to keep to a work schedule — something that is not always easy to do as a work-from-home business owner.

When morning meetings come up — or afternoon meetings for that matter — I find I am thrown off my game and it takes a lot of concentration to get back into the swing of things. Is it just me? Do I have bad time management skills that a disruption in my day can sometimes make a normal day suddenly feel frenetic?


Is is a lack of prioritizing on my part? Do I need to plan my workday to begin after my meetings and networking events are over? Do I need to learn to be more flexible with my use of my working hours? Is it all of the above and then some?In the course of my workday I sometimes forget that as an entrepreneur I need to consider networking and business meetings as part of my workday not an interruption to them. Networking, as any business owner knows, is part and parcel of the schedule. Networking should be a priority and needs to be scheduled and added to your to-do list. If attending networking meetingsmeans you need to put in a additional hour at the end (or the beginning) of the workday then consider it time well spent.

The clients you have today may not be there tomorrow and the next best client for your business could be at the very next networking event you attend. Prioritize and spend at least 10 percent (ideally 20 percent) of your workweek networking, shaking hands and getting out of your office.


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  1. Hi Robbi,
    I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone–if something happens in the middle of my workday to distract me, it takes up to half an hour for me to shake it off and get back to what I was doing. The human mind just wasn’t built to shift tracks so abruptly…

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