Do You Have A Clear Path Toward Cash?

Picture4Recently I went to an event called LEAP for Success and was surrounded by incredible business owners and dreamers who were making it happen. One part of the event I found originally off-putting was that the leader, Patricia Drain, made all participants move to a different table and interact with new business owners at each segment. It’s a bit difficult to get out of your comfort zone and have to meet new people every three hours, but it was a great way to hear new ideas — more than you’d hear if you stayed put at your original table spot.

The days were full of inspiration, networking hints and tips and constant tabletop interaction and brainstorming with those around you. From working on ideas for passive income to making a decision on if you’re truly following your passion in your business life, I walked away with a notebook full of ideas and a burning desire to implement all of them.


Toward the end of the event though, someone said, “Clarity Leads to Cash” and that struck me. Entrepreneurs that chase the next best idea or who are continually reinventing themselves to ride the wave of the latest fad aren’t helping themselves toward the cash at the end of the rainbow. I admit to being guilty of this — especially in my fiction writing. If XYZ style romance was hot today, that would be the kind of book I’d want to write — I never took into consideration that by the time I finished that book, inevitable ABC style romance would be the latest and greatest.

Of all the items I learned over the weekend, I feel my new mantra will be “Clarity Leads to Cash” and I will work to remain focused on my core competencies. Do you have clarity?


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