Digging Up Fresh, New Blog Content: 7 Steps

As a constant blogger and content strategist I am continually blogging either for myself or for my clients. I will freely admit there arePicture5 days when I stare at the blank screen and wonder, “what in the world will I write today?” I have to share with you that if you have an editorial calendar for yourself and your clients, you have a lot less of the “blank screen syndrome” than if you’re just winging it with content:

Here are my top seven tips for finding new content:

  1. Set up Google alerts in your topic area. If you’re writing for an accounting firm, set up alerts on accounting and bookkeeping topics, if you’re a pet blogger set up alerts in your niche whether it’s pet care, pet health, pet grooming, pet travel safety tips… you get the picture.
  2. Curate content. Did you see a blog post or article that you truly loved? Write an intro paragraph on your blog then link to that article. Do not claim the content as your own, give the author complete credit — this is accomplished, when after your intro paragraph you say, “Read the rest of this article here.” then link to it. 
  3. Ask colleagues if they’d like to be a guest blogger. Offer to be a guest blogger on their site in return. This benefits both of your blogs and exposes you to a new set of readers.
  4. “In case you missed it” posts are ideal for those readers that don’t have the time to visit your blog on a daily basis. Use the weekend to do round up posts. Readers like having all the information in one handy spot rather than having to remember to stop by daily.
  5. Ask a question. If you’re struggling with an aspect of your business or your life, chances are others are too. Pose a question on your blog or your social media pages, solicit answers then compile them into a post. For example, “How do you address problem clients?” When you’re compiling your post make certain you give credit to those who responded.
  6. Grab a camera and put together a short video. Consider doing a video clip a week. Shawna Schuh of Women In The Pet Industry puts out videos that address specific business issues and these videos are typically less than two minutes long. Could you speak for two minutes on your area of expertise? If so. Make a video.
  7. Interview colleagues. Is there a business colleague that you have always wanted to ask, “How do you do what you do?” sign them up for an interview spot on your blog. Make certain when you approach them for the interview that you are prepared and professional. Remember, they’re busy, you’re busy so make the most of the time you’ve scheduled for the interview. These posts will give your readers insight into how other professionals are making it happen.

What do you do to make your blogging less of a chore and keep your content fresh?


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