Defining Energy-Depleting Tasks

Do you ever feel completely drained at the end of the day but you just can’t put your finger on a
Picture2 specific cause? It’s quite possible that there is more than one cause or it could simply be that you’re facing one particular stressor that is slowly draining your energy.

Here’s a task. During the course of your day, take time to really consider how you’re feeling. Take a break every 30 or 60 minutes and gauge your energy level. If you’re feeling drained, make a note of what task you were involved in and when you have more time, stop to figure out why it drained you — did it take a lot of mental energy? Did you say yes to a project for which you should have said no? Are you involved in a task that brings you no mental or spiritual joy? Have you been assigned a project for which you simply don’t have the skill set necessary to complete?

Gauge your mood and your feelings for a couple of days to get a good read on your energy-sappers. If possible get those off your plate. If it’s not possible, go into the task knowing it will drain you and give yoruself a treat once you’ve finished. By treat I don’t necessarily mean a piece of triple layer chocolate fudge cake, although that may not be bad for an occasional treat!

Have you uncovered your energy-depleters?


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