Daylight Savings Time & Your Pet

The morning actually dawned with sunlight today. Yes the time change — daylight savings time — had something to do with it. While I believe that DST is an archaic concept, it is nice to wake up to sunshine. I say that now because the “night” hasn’t rolled in yet and with DST that happens prior to dinner time.

Speaking of dinner time… how does daylight savings time impact your pet? Does it impact your pet and his or her behavior or feeding habits? henriettaHere is how Henrietta (and possible the cats) were impacted by the time change:

  • I was hoping to sleep in, but with the time change my sleeping in until 8 am was 9 am to the Hen and that was two hours past her usual breakfast and “outs” time. What did that mean? Essentially I didn’t get to sleep in and she woke at her usual time wanting to visit Mother Nature then top off the outdoor trek with breakfast.
  • The cats were “schooling” around the bedroom door at their usual time. I call it schooling because they are like a hungry pack of sharks and it’s sometimes hard to get through the door with them waiting there to herd you back toward the food dishes. Paws were stuck under the door, loud “feed me meows” echoed in the hallway. I gave into their, and Henrietta’s requests, and got up early.
  • Dinner time for the pets in our house is 5 pm. With the change in the time, I trust that Henrietta will begin the “is it dinner time yet?” stare. A day ago the stare kicked off around 4 pm and lasted until outs and dinner at 5. Sunday the stare began at 3 pm and lasted for almost two hours. I decided at that point to ease the animals into the time zone switch over the course of a week. Their internal clocks don’t understand our human need to change the clock ahead or behind.

Are your pets impacted by the time changes or by changes in the weather?

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  1. Oh yeah! My biological clock doesn’t “spring ahead” or “fall back!” Feeding time is feeding time, and the humans should always honor the proper time (which begins approximately 1 hour ahead of dinner time)!

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