Cross country trip memories

I recently made a car trip in my tiny Yaris from Albion, NY to Arizona. It was me, my son, and the wonderful poodle, Henrietta. The car, though small, was actually comfortable for the trip and for sleeping in one night. Never in my life did I imagine I’d be sleeping in a car, wrapped up in blankets with a poodle on my chest in a truck stop parking lot, but there we were.

Truly, I imagined a trip from one coast to the other would be rife with places to stop and visit, signs reading “Welcome to….” or other such items to let you know you’d made it from one state to the next. We passed through St. Louis in the dead of night and it was the most brightly lit, vibrant city we passed through. Texas did welcome us with a “You are now entering Texas” sign but that was about it.

The road from here to there was long, dusty and not that exciting. As a writer, I anticipated having reams of paper worth of ideas of “things I saw on my trip.” The most exciting — and not in a good way — was the hotel we stayed in one night. We had to find a hotel that would accept dogs, it was late, we were tired and got excited by a sign that boasted hotel rooms for less than $30. Believe me you get what you pay for, although I think they tossed the bugs in for free. eeewwww, not much sleep that night and in the morning, there was no hair dryer to be found. I called the front desk and discovered that no, they didn’t offer that amenity. I imagined a hair dryer was a given in a hotel room — I won’t make that mistake again. But then, I won’t stay in a hotel that costs $30 again. Lesson learned.

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