Content Is King: Keys To Blogging #AllWordsMatter

It’s an adage that has been around as long as blogging, “Content is king.” That’s great, but let’s break that down further. Content may be king, but you need GREAT content. If you’re just sharing content for the sake of sharing content, you will lose readers. Because their time is a valuable commodity you need to give them a reason to want to share that time with you and your blog post.

If you’ve committed to being a blogger, you should commit to being a blogger who offers great content. If you’re a real estate agent or a dog groomer or an accountant who has committed to having a blog you need to commit to providing quality content. If you can’t make that commitment, you need to work with a written marketing expert who can create that content for you.

How can you assure you always have great content available? Here are my three best tips:

  1. You need to have an editorial calendar. This document will relieve the “blank screen syndrome;” that fear that when you sit down you won’t know what to write and you will spend valuable writing time searching for ideas. Create an editorial calendar that will help you have ideas for great content at your fingertips.
  2. Choose theme months. What does this mean? Look at the 12 months of the year and assign a theme to each one. For example: January = get organized; February = staging your home for a quick sale; March = planning summer vacation with your pets… you see where I am going, right? Know your industry, then choose a theme for each month, write it on your editorial calendar and then under that theme you will write your killer content.
  3. Always keep learning. Yes, you’re an amazing dog groomer, but chances are there are new techniques and new ways to groom, right? If you’re an accountant, chances are the IRS is always changing its rules — you need to stay abreast of what they are. Real estate agents need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the economy, new techniques for staging homes and information on the best rated school districts in their area (this is information prospective home buyers with children would want to know). If you learn, and read and interact with those in your niche, you will never run out of ideas for great content. This will also help you to understand what the pain points are within your industry and you can write blog posts to address those points.

Put a schedule in place for your blogging duties. Prepare an editorial calendar to make those blogging duties easier on yourself. If you need assistance creating an editorial calendar or a content strategy, contact us and one of our written marketing experts can assist you on the process!


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