Chris Brogan #SMMW15: People Want To Belong

Chris BroganI just wrapped up a week in San Diego, punctuated by attendance at Social Media Marketing World 2015. I reconnected with friends I’d made last year and made several new friends who are all involved in the social media world that I am.

This begins my series of blog posts on what I learned from the speakers I listened to starting with my personal superhero, Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Group Media. His topic was: How To Set Up A Content Framework That Serves Your Business. In the write up of his session it was noted that entrepreneurs need to have a “solidly built digital presence to make a difference in your prospecting and your bottom line.”

During his session he said, “We do better business if we feel we belong.” In many of my blog posts I have noted that people want to to business with people they “know, like and trust” and this seemed to be the message he was sharing. How can entrepreneurs make potential clients feel they belong? Here are some tips shared during his session:

  • Find your circle — like-minded individuals flock together
  • Master your edge — show your expertise
  • Shine your Bat Signal — if you don’t shine your light, clients won’t find you
  • Connect and share — don’t operate as an island, meet new people, share your content with them and theirs with your audience
  • Earn the right to serve and sell — individuals can spend their money anyplace give them a reason to spend with you. You do that by earning their confidence and then eventually the right to sell to them.

Robbi ChrisChris also noted that content marketers should look at their content and use “food truck tactics” to serve it up. How? By:

  • Offering content in small, bite-sized portions
  • Make it portable (think of those who read on their phones or other mobile device and make it easy)
  • Because your offerings will be smaller, make them more valuable and flavor-filled
  • Encourage them to delve into your larger story

“Entrepreneurship 101 involves is uncovering the challenges your people face and offering them a solution.” You do that, he said, by “Offering useful information in a language they relate to and by offering your goods or services, if they are a fit.”

It’s all about, “Content. Community. Marketplace.”

Once you have drawn a potential client to your site, do you have something to offer them? A tasty treat that will make them want to do a deeper dive into your offerings and eventually build a hunger for your goods or services? If you aren’t certain, you should take a few steps back and rethink your marketing and content strategy.

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