Check your email and your etiquette before you hit send

When you sit down to write an email do you spell check? Make certain it’s otherwise grammatically correct? Addressed to the right person? Conveys the message you hope to get across? Contains information appropriate to the recipient? These, and more, should be concepts to keep in mind when querying an editor in this age of instant contact.

Even though this isn’t specifically writing related, would you ever send an email like this? In my role as an editor I have writers send me emails that do come in ALL CAPS (how annoying) or send it in bright color fonts, wacky backgrounds, or in fonts that are virtually impossible to read.

I realize that Times New Roman and Ariel fonts are boring but that Papyrus and Chaucer are exciting fonts but keep in mind, the editor isnt’ impressed by fancy fonts (yes, even if you’re writing poetry, a light airy font will not convey a light airy meaning to your work, it will only serve to annoy the editor) . What will impress an editor is a clean, well-thought-out query, your credentials and your knowledge of the subject matter of which you speak/write.

Take a look at your most recent queries (especially if they are in email form) were you courteous, direct, and was your email “legible”?

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    Seriously now. I’m a graphic designer who has spent inordinate amounts of time perfecting carefully worded headlines and have developed a sort of love affair with typography over the past 30 years so when I see a post on Facebook or get an email that was typed hurriedly and sent without a second look, I get a little bitter. I once politely asked one of my FB friends to please turn off his key caps because his posts were hurting my ears and got a rather nasty response. Even though the following comments to that post echoed my irritation, he didn’t comply – so I blocked him. Oh and on the subject of fancy fonts and colored backgrounds, I have one thing to say, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”
    Well, I feel better now. Thanks for giving me a chance to whine a bit.
    Long live Ariel and Times Roman!
    I enjoy reading your blog, glad to see you’re back.

  2. Donna,
    Thanks for commenting and if I see another submission come to me for editing in a “fancy old-fashioned font to portray the era” I truly will scream.

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