You Have ‘Challenging Eyebrows’

179890_1755338438623_1567704_nToday I decided to get myself to the eyebrow sculptor at Brow Biz. The owner, Deborah, is the one who always sculpts my brows and apparently that is a good thing! I discovered from her today that I have “challenging” eyebrows. Hhmmmmm Apparently, while I don’t have an abundance of brow those I do have do not have a natural arch and this means more sculpting to get them to look as though I do. Who knew!?

As part of my sculpting today, Deborah invited one of her new brow sculptors into watch her work. I was a test subject in the brow chair! Honestly, I didn’t care. Once they are sculpted and filled in with the eyebrow pencil, I gotta say, I rock those brows. Unfortunately, after a few days I forget to use my brow pencil and they go back to being almost non existent appendages. (Are eyebrows appendages? I don’t really think so)

Was there a life lesson learned in the brow sculpting studio today? Probably not other than the fact that even with brows that are challenging there are professionals (like those at Brow Biz) that can rein them in and there are make up products that can be purchased to make them be the best they can be on a regular basis. I guess brows, like life and work, can be either tamed into submission (with schedules or to do lists or productivity apps for your smart phone) and can then be managed through, well, scheduling.

Today’s post, sure I could wax on about how if your life is a challenge or if your time is out of control or if you are in need of help with your social media there is an app for that! Actually there is a service provider for most any challenge you face — whether it’s eyebrows or business — you just need to know where to look.

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