Celebrating Giving Month With BlogPaws

BP Dec BadgeThis month, BlogPaws kicked off a month-long giving theme. The pet-loving members of BlogPaws and all their followers are looking for, and writing about ways they can become involved in helping out pets in need. 

You don't need to have a lot of money or even time to make a difference in the life of a shelter or rescue pet. Consider a weekend foster arrangement, stop by and offer to walk, or pet the animals in the shelters. Drop off a bag of food or litter. Take photos of some of the shelter pets you've seen and post them on your Facebook or Twitter pages to help raise awareness and amp up the "aaawwww" factor and get those dogs or cats or rabbits or hamsters into forever homes! Save your spare change for a week (you'd be surprised how quickly it adds up) then donate that to the shelter for their use in buying something on the wish list. As was mentioned in a BlogPaws chat recently, by Caren Gittleman buy or make brownies or cookies or other treats and give them to the shelter employees to show you value the work they're doing every day for animals in need.  

What can you do do help a pet in need? 

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