Caring For Your Aging Cat

senior cat

It’s a sad fact of life. We will likely outlive our pets. I was faced with that realization first when my veterinarian called my Diva Poodle Henrietta, “middle-aged.” Then last week when I was taking her for her laser treatment and it was also time to take Parker for his annual check-up. He is eleven-years-old so they mentioned they should do blood work for a baseline for future health. He was a good kitty and didn’t seem to mind his blood work at all. 

There was a concern because he has lost one and a half pounds in the past year. We haven’t changed his food, he doesn’t puke overly much (yes, I know I talk about that a lot but it seems we are full of pukey kitties lately), he is still first to the food dish and hasn’t been acting ill at all. We didn’t notice the change in his weight, even though he is a constant lap sitter. His personality hasn’t changed, but then I know that cats are good at hiding illnesses.

While we aren’t certain who the culprit is, one of the kitties has decided to not use the litter box of late. Every morning there is poo right in front of it. We don’t know who has decided to not use it and why they only poo there overnight, but it could very well be Parker because maybe he is getting ill.

The vet called back and said that there were a few “borderline results” so I have to take him back early September to have a clean urine test done. Apparently, the vet will draw urine from his bladder with a needle. Ouch.

In the meantime, we will still keep on keeping on with our Parker, take him back for the September visit and see what has to be done as he eases into his Golden Years!

Quick question: We have a dog named Spenser, a cat named Jessie and a cat named Parker… does anyone notice a theme to the naming series?

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  1. there are several different brands of internal wifi webcams that allow you to watch over what is going on and alert you when there is movement within range of the camera. It might help you catch whomever is leaving out of the box deposits and if they are intentional or not.

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