Caring For Pets In The Dog Days Of Summer

This shouldn’t come as news to anyone, but you should never leave a dog (or any kind of pet) alone in a car. Add to this, any car can become quickly “hot” even on a day that is only 70 degrees, the interior of your car will absorb the heat and the windows act as insulation and very quickly your car becomes an oven. The Weather Channel has a graphic that shows that on a 90 degree day your car can heat up to more than 120 degrees in fewer than 20 minutes — deadly for your pets.

Taking your pet to an outdoor craft fair or event that is being hosted in your community is also something that you do for yourself. YHenriettaou are not doing your pet any favors by bringing her along. Consider the heat of the sidewalks on her tender foot pads and add into that the noises, crowds and unfamiliar smells (in addition to the heat) and your pet can easily become overwhelmed by it all and act aggressively. Leave the pets home — they will be much better off as they truly don’t care about the festivals the way their humans do.

Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe during the dog days of summer:

  1. I’ve already mentioned it, but NEVER leave your pet in your car on a summer day. Don’t leave him in the car on a winter day either. Honestly don’t ever leave your pet in the car. If you’re making a cross country road trip, such as I’ve done several times, you need to make arrangements to take rest stop breaks at places your pet will be welcome or you need to find ways to bring her in with you; for me that was easy because Henrietta fits in a purse quite nicely.
  2. If you’re taking your dog for a walk, avoid the hot sidewalks and roads as it can burn the pads of his feet. Walk in the cooler morning hours or after dusk when the sidewalks and roads will have cooled off.
  3. Always have water and a drinking bowl with you.
  4. In the house, don’t rely on a fan to cool your pet. Because pets cool themselves off by panting a fan won’t help to cool them down the way it will a human.
  5. Stay in shaded areas if you’re out of doors with your pet and limit his activity while the heat and humidity are high.

Your pets look up to you to keep them safe during the hot summer months. Do you have any other hints or tricks to do that? I’d love to hear!

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