Calico Lucy Says: I Love You, Now Get Away

Photo (30)I've been the pet parent of many cats throughout my life. Like people, all cats have different personalities — sure they all possess the aloof traits, but right now in our house we have four cats. Parker always seems to be chasing something through the house that none of us can see and he loves water, being in the shower, playing in the toilet or sink. Jessie is our mostly black Tortie, she is the talker in the house. She greets us as the door and talks away and if you even look in her direction she will strike up a conversation. (she also drools… a lot… when you pet her) 

The two kittens, Clyde and Lucy, are troublemakers as is the wont of kittens. Clyde is more doglike than catlike in that he will play fetch for hours as long as you're willing to keep throwing him a toy and he dashes to the door to meet my daughter when she comes home from work. He is exceedingly friendly. 

Then comes Lucy, she is an adorable girl and very tiny — a year old and only weighs six pounds. She has an extremely fluffy tail that is constantly wagging. Lucy will greet me at the door in the morning when I get up. She wants to be picked up but will only stay with me if I put her on her back in my arms and rub her belly. The morning is the only time of the day I am "allowed" to pick her up.

If I'm sitting on the couch watching television, she will sit behind me and pur and wag her tail in my face. If I pick up a book that is the time she decides that sitting on my lap would be ideal. Naturally it makes it difficult to read with a cat sitting on the book … with her tail wagging in my face. She doesn't want to be petted. She does like to be talked to and appears to listen intently but will not talk back. She is not much on offering up a purr. 

It's as interesting keeping track of the cat personalities as it is to manage the personalities of my kids. Each needs to be treated differently, you need to know when to pet a belly and when to just have a conversation. 

All of our cats have been adoptions from a local shelter — two as kittens and two as older adults. The older cats — Parker in particular — has taken it upon himself to train the kittens in the way of the household and works to teach them manners. 

How do you interact with your pets? Do they respond? 

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