Book Review: Are You Kidding Me?

6a00d8341c011b53ef017743adcfa1970d-150wiI recently reviewed a copy of the book, “Are You Kidding Me? A Journal of First Dates, Flings, and Finding Love” by author Elizabeth Glasband. I was intrigued by the title and the cover and because I have always been a fan of Sex And The City (well, not the second movie so much — but the television series and the first movie) I was looking forward to the read.

While I am obviously not the audience for this book (I have a child that is the age the author was when she penned the book so I am a touch older than the audience, I imagine) I enjoyed the author’s recollections and recounting of her sexual exploits. I’d never been quite as adventurous as the author in her dates, flings and finding of love I had many friends that were and those friends love to share stories of love found, lost and found again.

I will admit that there were parts of the book that could have benefitted from tighter edits and deletion of some of the exclamation points, I also admit that some of the stories were laugh out loud funny. I will also admit that during the reading I wondered, “when my daughter moves out and starts dating, how many of these type of dates and flings will she have to go through before she finds love?”

I liked that the book was broken into short chapters each detailing the date of the day and I also enjoyed the updates at the end of the book — a kind of “where are they now” wrap up. If you’re looking for a quick, light beach read this book might be one to slip into your beach bag!

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