Blogging Ideas For Business Owners

“What am I going to blog about?” This is the age old dilemma that many business owners face. It’s not that business owners aren’t creative. They are. They are entrepreneurs. They took a chance and struck out on their own to pursue a dream. However, for as creative as they are in running their own enterprise, if they’re not writers, deciding what to blog about and whether it’s really crucial to business success can put a stumbling block in their way.

If you understand the need for blogging, but aren’t certain how to sustain it, I can help. Here are some blogging ideas for business owners to get you jump-started. If you simply want to concentrate on your area of expertise and leave the writing to someone who has that expertise, again I can help! Now onto blogging ideas you can use in your business:

  • Ask your clients what their most pressing issues are and blog about it.
  • Answer questions. If you’re meeting with potential clients and you answer the same questions, those are blog post ideas waiting to be tackled.
  • Feature a client. Interview one of your clients, feature him or her on your blog and viola — content that serves your readers AND offers exposure to a client.
  • Turn an old idea on its head. I love blogging about time management, but instead of writing a post called, “Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs,” I might write a blog post called, “Time Management Doesn’t Work: Manage Goals Instead.”

    Same idea, different slant.

  • Write a list post in your area of expertise. Are you an accountant? Write a list post of items that entrepreneurs should be aware of when they start a new business. If you’re a real estate agent, write a list post about what a client needs to know before applying for a mortgage or a list about what to look for in a “perfect house.” You get the idea, right?
  • Repurpose an old post. Grab your phone, set it to video, and record yourself reading the top ten tips from a blog post you’d penned in the past. Take an old blog post and turn it into an infographic (you can use Canva for that).
  • Write evergreen content. What is evergreen content? When you walk into the grocery store in August you will find magazines that feature all kinds of back to school articles. In January, you will see articles about losing weight or setting resolutions. In February our minds turn to Valentine’s day and romance and articles will feature romantic tips and decadent recipes and lingerie ideas. You see where I am going? Evergreen content is that content that can be reworked and reused annually.

While I am a proponent of blogging, you shouldn’t add that to your company marketing plan unless you have a plan in place for it. How do you do that? You could schedule a content strategy session with me and we can discuss your goals, your current marketing and how blogging and social media will fit into what you’re already doing or how it can enhance what you’re already doing.

Bottom line, here is what you need to know about your target market before you start blogging:

  • Know who your target market/ideal client is
  • Write posts that are relevant to their unique needs
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists. Readers have short attention spans so make your blog posts “scannable” and easy to read on a mobile device.

HINT: Spend some time writing down a list of blog post ideas. Add these into an editorial calendar. This procedure will help keep you focused and help prevent #writersblock. If you simply don’t know how to identify blog post topics or if you don’t have the time to pen your own content, email me at for a content strategy session.



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