Blogging (and Life) Lessons Learned From My Poodle

Some days life is a slog. You know what I mean, right? Sitting through another meeting. Writing another blog post. Deciding whether to 562859_10201509975926641_1996313932_nhave coffee or tea or really shaking it up and having hot chocolate to address the afternoon slump. Sigh. What can you do when some days all you want to do is curl up in bed with a good movie a favorite beverage and while away the hours?

You can take a life lesson from my Diva Poodle Henrietta. Here’s what I learned from watching her live her life:

  • Treat every meal as if it will be your last. Eat and enjoy with gusto. There is not a meal or a snack that Henrietta has that she doesn’t appear to enjoy with every fiber of her being.
  • Take time to smell the grass and the air around you. Not as poetic as smelling the roses but since I don’t like the smell and there are none in my yard Henrietta sniffs out a new trail every time Mother Nature calls her. She acts as though she has never inhaled those scents before and gets excited about every new sight, scent or sound. What can you do to excite your senses?
  • When you relax, do it with all of your being. When Henrietta decides that the day is over (and for her some days she seems to make that decision first thing in the morning… ohhh the life of a dog!) she goes into full relaxation mode. She doesn’t feel the need to nudge or bother the cats, check her email, listen for a phone to ring or a knock at the door. She curls up on the couch under her blanket and gives into the relaxation she craves. When is the last time you truly relaxed? When did you walk away from email or texting for a few minutes or an hour? When is the last time you treated yourself to lunch that wasn’t gobbled down in front of the computer screen?

What Diva Poodle lessons can you incorporate into your life today?

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