Blog Promotion Tips To Rank On Google Search

Guest post by Scott Kelly

  • Want to be found on Google and up your Search rankings when you write a blog post? Here are 7 tips:
  • Always  make sure your content is unique. Content creation across multiple websites in the same niche is a challenge, but you need to make certain content isn’t redundant. While you don’t have to recreate the wheel with your posts, you do want to make certain the content has been rewritten for your social media  platforms even though the ideas may be similar.
  • Readers love practical advice and relevant information, especially how-tos, tips, topic articles and graphics! You want to be seen as the expert, so make sure you incorporate original research into your posts on that subject matter.

  • SEO is important, make sure your content is interesting. Writing a post with only SEO (search engine optimization) as your driving force will make your posts read like something from a content mill. Be smart about how many keywords are in your posts – too many, and your message can be lost.
  • Nothing will turn readers away faster than sloppy posts. Spell- and grammar-check everything! Are your facts correct? If your readers are faced with inaccuracies in your facts and spelling errors (which can be easily avoided) they may doubt your expertise in the information you’re presenting.
  • It may be true that there are no new ideas, so make sure you find a way to say what want and make it stand out. What do you have to say that is different from the other bloggers that are saying the same thing? The competition is stiff out there, so make certain your unique voice and perspective come through in your writing.
  • Make sure you come across as the expert in your field by highlighting your expertise – a resume is a good place to start. If your site has other expert contributors, make sure their background is featured as well.  Make certain your site reflects who you are and what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Don’t overly promote your company or products if  at all in your posts. Too many ads and promotions are a turn-off. Instsead, you need to do direct them to a different part of your website – don’t bury the message of your blog posts in ads.
 High quality, relevant content is your best way to be found by Google and your best way to communicate with your clients and potential clients. Let content be your guiding force in your blog posts.

What steps can you take to make your content more readable and searchable?

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