Baby Boomers, Passions And Poodles

The other day I checked the mail and had an envelope in there from the AARP!? What!? When did I get to be “of the age” when AARP is sending me mail? I might have been able to forget about it, but unfortunately I forgot about it and left the envelope on the kitchen table. When my daughter came home she was quick to point it out and to point out my age!

When did I get there? I realized that in my usual panic-stricken way of approaching a milestone birthday 1457563_10201882559560999_1348843864_n(anything that ends in a zero I consider a milestone) happened in 2012, but along with that approaching milestone in May of that year I was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 9 — it kind of put the 50th birthday into perspective. At that point I had bigger things to worry about than the fact I was “getting old” and turning 50! Turning 40 was hard to take and although I cried a lot, I still found time to open gifts and eat cake so I guess I made it through.

Anyway… when I thought of my age right now (and if you can’t do the math, I am not going to do it for you) I realized that my diva poodle, Henrietta, would also be eligible for AARP in her dog years! Yipes, where does the time go?

As a #BabyBoomer and a cancer survivor I realized now is the time to do whatever it is I think I might want to do for the rest of my life. To follow my passions, as it were. What are my passions? I have many. What are your passions? Do you know how to even uncover them? Here are some tips to finding and following them:

  • Pursue a hobby you’ve been putting off. I do love to crochet even though it is almost impossible to do that when I have a poodle and Calico Lucy vying for lap time. What are your passions? What did you put off because you are working full time?
  • Volunteer for an organization you love. I am involved in the pet industry so I try to give back and help our local animal shelters. I can’t really volunteer inside one because if I did I’d have more than four cats but I can volunteer with fund raising or social media or press release writing.
  • If you’re a Baby Boomer are you retired or nearing retirement age? Are you looking forward to a life of leisure? Time spent getting out of bed at noon, lolling around the house in your pajamas and drinking coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon? That doesn’t sound good to me, but maybe you’ve been yearning for that. If you don’t want to have a complete life of leisure, cultivate outside interests, join groups that interest you, attend conferences and networking events that you just didn’t have time to before.
  • Become a traveler. See the world by car, bus or train! Henrietta and I have traveled, by car, from Arizona to New York several times. As long as I find internet — and it is readily available almost anywhere — I can work and enjoy seeing the country.
  • Have you always wanted to be creative? Become a woodworker, a crafter that attends local craft fairs or open your own store on Etsy? What are you waiting for?

Regardless of the age that Henrietta and I are, we don’t plan on slowing down. In fact, we may uncover more interests than we had before! What will you do?


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