Baby Boomers And Pets: Unbreakable Bond

“What sounds good for lunch, Honey?” “Who wants to go for a car ride?” “I think it’s time for bed, what do you think?” Quick question. Am I talking to my family or to the Diva Poodle, Henrietta? Ding. Ding. Ding. You’re the winner if you said Henrietta. Since the kids moved out and I am home alone more often than not, Henrietta has become my confidant, my lunch partner and because we can’t stay awake pat 9 pm, my night time pillow snuggler.

1507957_10206636941417574_1242874129337848372_nBaby Boomer & Pets

I know I am not alone when it comes to being a baby boomer and having an unbreakable bond with my pet. Not only are pets big business — pet parents spend close to $60 billion on their pets. This money includes funds spent on food, clothing, grooming, pet sitting, treats and more. We love our pets. We dote on our pets and we aren’t afraid to open our wallets for them. Am I right?

Henrietta has birthday parties and she gets her own cake and party dress. She gets groomed regularly — probably not as often as she should because she seems to be so fearful of it, but it’s something that happens nonetheless. She goes on all vacations with me so I pay pet fees at rentals. She has a partially torn ACL so we have been going for weekly laser treatments at the veterinarian’s office for many months now. She has become more of my fur-baby than she might have been when I was splitting my attention between her and the kids.

Because of her puppy mill beginnings, I doted on her and coddled her more than I have any other pet I have had in my family and because of that she has some… let’s just say… quirks. I love them. I understand them. I don’t discourage them. I do know they are a bit much for the family when I am not home, but I also have heard that many of the behaviors she has with me she does not 12039635_10206763260695477_4097343525133651166_nexhibit with anyone other than me.

My Hen and Spenser and the three kitties, two geckos and bearded dragon help fill my hours. They give me someone to “talk” to when I am working from home. Best of all, when I am having a bad day, there is nothing quite as satisfying or relaxing as curling up on the couch and having Hen snuggle in with me. Is it a Baby Boomer thing? Not sure, but I do know I have an unbreakable bond with my pets. Do you?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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