Robbi Hess
30-Minute Writing why entrepreneurs should read
Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Readers
Quick question: When is the last time you read a book? It doesn’t matter whether it is an e-book or a paperback or a “book on tape.” Do you make time to read? If you’re more »
30-Minute Writing embrace your inner writer
Embrace Your Inner Writer
Are you a writer? What does “being a writer” mean to you? Does it mean you’ve published a best-selling novel? That you make the entirety of your income from writing gigs or a full-time staff more »
Business Storytelling how to write your business story
How To Write Your Business Story
How To Write Your Business Story Since the days of old, people have used stories to communicate. Bards and minstrels traveled from the countryside sharing news. Cavemen drew pictures on cave walls. Over time language more »
Conquering The Overwhelm make a list conquer the day
Why You Love Lists
Why You Love Lists Do I love lists just because am anal retentive? Do I love lists because I am OCD about things? Do I love a good list because I have a crappy memory? more »
Writing 5 reasons you should write a blog post
5 Reasons You Should Write A Blog Post
5 Reasons You Should Write A Blog Post There are myriad reasons why you should write a blog post. Consider this: At any time of the day I have so many thoughts rolling around in more »
Conquering The Overwhelm 5 ways to have a great day
5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right
5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right Before you click off the post because you aren’t a “morning person” I urge you to stop! No matter what time of day your day starts you more »
Blogging how to set reasonable writing goals
Set Reasonable Writing Goals
Set Reasonable Writing Goals As you kick off the new year with a fresh, clean slate and are armed with the desire to: Write a book Blog more frequently Journal daily Whatever it is you more »
Organization & Time Management how to write an epic blog post
Write One Epic Blog Post A Week: How to
Write One Epic Blog Post A Week: How to Confession time. When I first started blogging I was convinced I could write three (or more) posts per week. Reality set in when I started working more »
Writing 7 tips to better writing
Tips To Make Your Writing Better
Tips To Make Your Writing Better Whether you’re a writer or don’t consider yourself to be a writer here are some quick tips to make your writing better.  Writing skills can be learned. However, the more »
Blogging writing tips for non writers
Writing Tips For Non-Writers
Writing Tips For Non-Writers When I work with clients, the reason they hire me to do their writing and blogging is simple: They are not writers and I am – that’s my area of expertise. more »