Are You Inspired By Your Morning Routine?

I’ll admit I am a hold out to reading the daily newspaper. I subscribe to The Arizona Republic and when I am back in New York I pick up a copy of theDemocrat and Chronicle. I rarely read the paper Picture2 on its actual day because I don’t like to have to run out and buy the paper on the days it’s not delivered I “save” one to read the next day.

The other day I was watching The Balancing Act and someone (for the life of me I can’t remember who it was) was on the show talking about morning routines and how the way you start your day can color the rest of it. Common sense, but not anything I had ever thought about. Consider it though, you wake up listening to doom and gloom on the news, pick up a paper and read about crime sprees, fiscal irresponsibility by government officials and other snippets of bad news. It is enough to make you say blah and want to crawl back under the covers.


I’m going through a bit of family stuff now so have been looking for ways to de-stress in the limited amount of free time that I have. I’ve taken some of the advice of the Balancing Act guest and stopped reading the paper in the morning. I’ve been taking time to pick up the Nook and find a book to immerse myself in while I drink my coffee. If I have been to a book store or grocery store I will pick up a magazine and give that a read during breakfast and the planning of my day.

I haven’t been able to completely kick my day-old newspaper habit so I read it while I’m eating lunch or sitting at the doctor’s office. It’s not like passing on the morning news is going to make me miss some monumental happening. Let’s face it, by the time the newspaper is in my hand — even if I read it on the correct day — is still going to be at least 12 hours old. If there is some earth-shattering event it will pop up on my Yahoo! news feed which I admit to glancing at before I even push the on button for the coffeemaker.

While I can’t quite say that not reading “bad” news has anything to do with feeling a bit less stressed in the mornings, it probably isn’t hurting, right? Not sure if I’ve found any inspiration or motivation from changing my morning reading habits, but it makes me happier to read a light romance or a ghost story first thing in the morning than to read about murder and mayhem so it can’t be all bad.


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