Are You Doing NANO This Year?

I have completed NANO (National Novel In A Month) more than once. I have close to 150,000 words under my belt for the NANO’s I have participated in (130,105 to be exact). Why do I, a nonfiction writer by trade feel the need to immerse myself in a novel for an entire month? On occasion I get bitten by the fiction bug. This year, I have become enamored of cozy mysteries, especially those by Rose Pressey. I love the small town feel and the haunted aspects and, of course, the mystery.

This year I am taking a mystery writing class at Writers And Books that starts the first Monday of November so I am imagining that this will inspire me to complete my novel again this year. Are the 50,000 words that I pen during the month of November publishable as is? Hell no! Are they a great jumping off point for polishing and editing? Hell yes!

What does a 50,000 word novel break down to? It’s 1,666.6 words per day — let’s just round it up to 1,667, shall we? Today, alone I have penned more than 5,500 words for my clients and my newsletters. I probably typically write about that many “client” words per day and now I will be adding in an additional 1,667 “Robbi fiction words” per day. Crazy? Perhaps. Will I need to bring all of my time management and productivity skills and knowledge to the forefront? You bet I will!

If you’re doing NANO send me a friend request and let’s motivate one another. Ready. Set. Go!

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