Conquering The Overwhelm

April 9, 2012 was a turning point in my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, faced fears of
297693_2201118182838_5370690_n my mortaility and of the unknown as it related to surgeries and treatments.

As a business owner I was accustomed to living by schedules and having a plan for the day; breast cancer took all of that away. I went from being “whelmed” to being overwhelmed and feeling I was trapped in a cyclone. It took a few months, but I was able to regain control, get back on track, deal with oncologists, surgeons and the life-altering consequences of my diagnosis.

Drawing on my time management and productivity skills along with my need to take back control of my life and I started Conquering The Overwhelm.

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  1. Hi Robbi
    As a contributor, I read the book “Celebrating 365 Days Of Gratitude” every day
    Today it was your page. I could not wait to visit your website and see you and learn about you. Great articles and thanks for sharing your story.Very inspirational!

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