#AllWordsMatter: Blogging Help For Entrepreneurs

Is there truly any value in blogging? I think that is like an entrepreneur asking, “is there truly any value in networking or connecting with new, potential clients” or even, “I wonder if I should send out invoices this month?” You want to grow your business, right? You want potential clients to be able to find you without your having to be out of the office shaking hands every day, right? Of course. If you didn’t want to grow your business and make a profit you wouldn’t have started a business in the first place.

When potential clients ask me if there is value to be found in blogging, here are the statistics I cite (from Social Media Today):

  • A small business with a blog generates more than 126% more leads than one without
  • 70% of consumers find companies through blogs and online articles
  • More than 60% of all consumers in the United States have make a purchase based on a blog post

Surely you can see the value in blogging. You don’t have to blog daily or even five or four days a week. I recommend Picture1more than once a week, but for some business owners starting out slow and steady is the way they want to begin the process of blogging.

If you’re a business owner with the expertise — and more importantly, the time — to undertake your own blogging tasks, here are some “blogging starters” to get you started:

  1.  Solve a problem. What about your business can help your ideal client address a pain point? Blog about that. Answer questions that your clients and potential clients ask you. If even one person is asking a question, that is a blog topic.
  2. What does your ideal client need to know about who you are and what your business does? Blog about that. If you’re an accountant and your clients are solopreneurs who need to get a handle on their bookkeeping and record-keeping offer tips to get them started.
  3. Speaking of tips. Write a how-to post. If you’re a real estate agent, write about: how to pack your house for a move, how to find great schools for your children, or how to find a great real estate agent to work with. You’re the expert in your niche, show your readers your expertise in your posts and in your website copy.
  4. Feature one of your clients in a blog post. Do you have a long-term client or a new client in an industry that is new to your business niche? Ask them if you can interview and feature them on your blog. Why? It’s a win-win. You’re getting a deeper dive into your client, their business gets featured on your blog and you have blog content that is interesting for your readers.
  5. Make a video. If you just don’t have the time or expertise to sit down and write a blog post (it’s not as easy as it looks!) set up a video camera or your smart phone and make short videos that you can post to your blog. Hint: If you have written a blog post, re-purpose that content into a video or an info graphic — write it once, use it multiple times.

Just as you don’t cast your fates upon the open waters with your entrepreneurial endeavors you need to have focus for your blogging tasks. Here are three ways to focus your content strategy:

  • Understand your market. Target your blog posts to your ideal client as they will benefit the most from your pen2expertise.
  • Keep your blog posts to one topic only. If it helps, write a “topic sentence” or the blog headline and stick to that topic. If you have more than one topic sneaking its way into the post, break it into separate posts.
  • Understand the importance of content marketing as a way to share your expertise.

If you’re challenged by trying to find time to blog while running your business, contact us here at All Words Matter; we can help formulate your content strategy, prepare an editorial calendar and tell your business story.

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