Adding A New Diva

When I moved back to New York recently, it involved a cross-country car ride. Henrietta, the Diva
Photo (4) Poodle, is a great traveler and when I had to make a restroom stop, it was easy to pop her into a purse and take her in with me. My kitty, Zoe, however was another matter. 

I couldn't wrap my mind around how to travel with a cat. I knew she'd be in a carrier, but even that posed a problem because of space issues. What would I have done with her when I need to take a restroom break? It was far too hot to lock her in a car. She certainly wouldn't have welcomed being put into a purse. I made the difficult decision to leave her behind with friends. They were thrilled to have her so I know I made the right decision. 

I've been feeling a loneliness lately in having my "own" diva kitty. The other day, Alexa showed me a picture on Instagram of a kitten that was up for adoption at the newly reopened PAWs Animal Shelter and I melted. 

Henrietta won't be thrilled to be dealing with a new kitten as she still finds Clyde bothersome. We shall see. The picture is of the kitty that's up for adoption. I mean, can anyone resist that face? 

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