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My name is Robbi Hess, and I believe All Words Matter


I am a professional blogger, social media consultant, copy (and ghost) writer, editor and creative thinker. I help individuals and small business owners define their key message and express it through social media platforms, a robust website presence, blogging, newsletters and other online and print media.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you need something written, I can write it for you! Newsletters, social media status updates, website copy, blog posts (and yes, you should be blogging), press releases and more. If you’ve already written it and aren’t sure whether it shows you and your business in the best light, I can edit it and sharpen its focus.

As a writer, I do believe that All Words Matter especially as it relates to your business and the message you’re sending. If you don’t know if your words are presenting you in the best light, drop me a line.

I’ve honed my craft over years of prolific writing efforts in both print and online forums. I have sharpened my red pen as the editor of daily newspapers, business and writer’s magazines as well as with several book publishers.writing

As a long-time professional blogger, content strategist, social media manager and speaker, I’ve always been involved with words. I now work with clients to help them grow their online presence through building professional blog and social media networks. Whether they want to do the blogging or social media themselves is a decision they make during the consultation phase. Savvy business owners understand the power of blogging and social media as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, bringing about lasting change to both business and personal development. Preparing a comprehensive social media marketing plan can propel your business into new realms of success!

Call me for a free 30-minute content strategy session.

Professional Background


Many years ago, armed with only a desire to become a journalist, a deep love for the written word, and an eagle-eye for accuracy, I talked the editor of the local newspaper, The Medina Journal Register, into hiring me.  From my humble beginnings as an obituary and police beat reporter I worked my way up to beat reporter and editor of the weekly paper, The Albion Advertiser.

I honed my craft, took writing classes, and built a career as a writer. I share my love for writing with others through the classes a local literary institution and online.

From being a reporter and editorial assistant at Suburban News, assistant editor and writer at Business Strategies Magazine and a writer of medical articles with For The Record Magazine and Physicians EHR I also also served as the editor of a nationally and internationally distributed writers magazine.

My first book, A Complete Idiot’s Guide to 30,000 Baby Names was co-authored with Marcia Layton Turner.

My passion for romantic fiction was fulfilled through the stories that have appeared in the  Writer’s Journal, True Love and True Romance Magazines. My Writer’s Journal fiction was the first place romance story winner. I was published in a romance Christmas Anthology by Still Moments Publishing.

I am in the midst of writing a book, “Social Wordsmithing For Small Business Owners” and “Blogging and Social Media 101 For The Pet Blogger.”

A broken foot in 2004 launched me into the realm of full-time writer. With a broken foot and because I was laid up (literally — my toes above my nose) for three weeks then an additional three months off-from-work recuperation time I jumped headlong into pursuing a dream of a full-time writing career.

I am a professional blogger for several sites and serve as the blog manager at the award-winning site. I also serve as blog manager for Blogpaws and am a speaker at its annual conference. I am a blogger and editor for Pool Info Site and for several other clients.

Personal Connection

LucyHenriettaHenrietta, the diva poodle, is my traveling companion, constant office assistant and full-time snuggler. Lucy, the crazy calico, is a sometimes-office-supervisor and a when-she’s-in-the-mood-for-it lap sitter. They are the inspiration for MyDivasDish and the impetus for my pet blogging.


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