5 Ways To Improve Your Writing

Are you a business owner who thinks, “I need to be blogging.” Are you a blogger who thinks, “I have to find ways to write more compelling content.” Are you a solopreneur who knows you need to create more content but just can’t imagine where to begin or how to find the time to do so?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am here to offer you five ways to improve your writing.

There are no quick fixes to great, or better, content creation.

If you’re a writer, the words may flow easier for you than they do for the non-writer. If you’re a non-writer or if you struggle with content creation, you may want to work with a professional writer. This person can create content for your business on your behalf and help you build your brand and get your business ranking higher in Google searches. A content creator will work with you to put together a content strategy as well as an editorial plan that will cover your blog as well as your social media updates.

If, however, you’re ready to work on your own content, let’s get started:

Read. Read. Read.

There is nothing like the written word to help you craft your own. The more you read the more your brain will subtly pick up the nuances of a sentence. You will understand what makes a great sentence great. Chances are you will pick up pointers, from reading, that will help you with your own grammar and punctuation. I truly believe that if you aren’t reading you won’t be able to improve your writing.
Find a favorite author, whether fiction or non fiction, devour his or her words and see if reading doesn’t help you with your own content creation.

Attend conferences and networking events.

Attending conferences that focus on your particular niche and area of expertise will help keep you up on the latest developments in the industry and this will help you better serve your clients. However, attending a conference that has a writing element will help you learn how to better craft content for your blog. Look for conferences that offer 101-type writing or content creation sessions. Seek conferences that offer insight and advice on how to craft content for the web. If you’re looking for ways to build and write better landing pages to help you sell your products and services, take a copywriting course.

Scour the Internet and search for conferences that will help you hone your writing muscles.

This year, for example, Social Media Marketing World has a “storytelling” for your business element. Story telling and crafting content is prevalent at most conferences you will find.

Know what your audience wants.

If you’re working in, and serving clients in a particular niche, make certain that the content you’re creating is serving their needs. If you don’t know what your audience wants, I urge you to ask them. Also, if you don’t know what your audience wants, I urge you to write a business plan. How can you serve your audience and gain new clients if you aren’t sure who wants or needs what you’re selling.

Once you know your clients/audience’s pain points, craft content to help them alleviate the pain. Also, keep in mind that the content you create is setting you up as the go-to expert in that niche.

Learn to research.

If you’re writing a blog post and aren’t certain how to conjugate a verb or how to make your tenses agree, take to the Internet and do a Google search. If you’ve ever wondered how to diagram a sentence — and who hasn’t!? — you can find that as well. Diagramming a sentence can help you with subject and verb agreements. Yep, I am a word nerd. You probably don’t need to get as granular as sentence diagramming, but you do want to make your subjects agree. What do I mean? For example, don’t write a sentence that reads, “He worked with men and women that wanted to learn to groom dogs. ” What’s wrong with this sentence? “Women” and “men” are people — as such it should be “Men and women WHO.” Got a headache yet?

Ask a professional writer for help.

What is your core competency? What do you do best? What goods or services do you offer your clients? Perhaps you should focus on your core competency. If you’re an accountant, a pasty chef or a lawyer maybe you simply need to focus on what you’re best at and outsource your business writing to a professional writer. We won’t try to come in and fill out a spreadsheet, bake a cake or argue a case, but we will talk with you to find out how you do what you do, what your clients want and need from you and then we will go back to our offices and craft your unique content.

What’s stopping you from creating content for your business? Call me for a Content Strategy Make It Happen Session.



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