5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right

5 ways to have a great day

5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right

Before you click off the post because you aren’t a “morning person” I urge you to stop! No matter what time of day your day starts you can incorporate one, or all, of these 5 ways to start your day off right. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right5 ways to start your day off right

  1. Plan your day the day before. Wait! What? Yes, to have a great today, you need to have planned for it yesterday! Before you leave your office today, write down your priorities for the next day. Make your MITs list (Most Important Tasks). If you plan ahead, you will be ready to jump right in once your work day begins.
  2. Eat a healthy meal. Whether that meal is breakfast, lunch or dinner you need to feed your body in order to feed your brain. Sure, Ilike a bowl of ice cream as much as the next girl, but I always eat breakfast. Whether it’s oatmeal, an egg and a half a bagel or yogurt, fruit and a waffle I always make time for breakfast. I eat my breakfast, read a newspaper or magazine, enjoy my cup of coffee, walk the dogs then get to work.
  3. Get into a routine. If you “train” yourself to know that once your butt hits the chair in your office you need to be in work mode. It will take time to develop that habit. This is especially true if you’re new to work-from-home employment. I admit that when I started out many years ago I pissed away a LOT of time. I didn’t have a habit. There were no routines in place because I was new to being a solopreneur. Looming deadlines were the wake-up call I needed to wrestle my schedule in to submission, set up routines and get in the habit of working.
  4. Take a break. Well, this may not be a way to “start” the day off right, but taking a break will help you keep your momentum. It’s true. Walking away will refresh and rejuventate you and once you get back to your MITs you will feel a new vigor to get it done.
  5. Count your blessings. Before I get out of bed I grab my gratitude journal and read what I’d written before I’d fallen asleep the night before. Breast cancer taught me to count my blessings — both large and small. A NED from the oncologist! HUGE gratitude. My coffee creamer isn’t curdled! Depending on the day, that could have been my biggest gratitude and on some days that’s all right.


The way in which you begin your day will be the brush stroke by which the entire day is painted. Start out thankful, prepared and well-fed and you’re bound to have a better day than if you’re angry, spinning your wheels and hangry (Hungry + Angry). Am I right?

What are your stumbling blocks to a great start to your day?

If your days start off great, share your tips!

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