5 Social Media Rules Business Owners Should Follow

I wish there was a magic formula for writing great social media content or producing fantastic blog
posts…oh, wait, there kind of is! While there are no hard and fast rules for your blogging, content creation  or social media marketing strategies, there are steps you can take and “rules” you can follow to make your efforts the best they can be.

Here are the five social media “rules” I adhere to and share with my clients:

  1. Content counts. Experts say that if you blog 15 times a month on your site you will receive five times more views than businesses that don’t. That is great advice… IF your content is good. Putting out content that your audience (ie potential clients) don’t care about won’t garner you good will. To make your mark on social media you need to produce high quality content in the areas of your expertise and that your clients want to read. Do they have pain points that need to be addressed? Produce content to do just that.

  •  “Hi, My Name Is…” Be open and engaging with your social media content. Let your readers get to know you. By that I don’t mean they need to know about your personal travails, or your diet woes or that your bank account is overdrawn; what they need to know is that you’re open, engaging and approachable. How do you do that? Respond to comments, start a conversation, be personable.
  • Are you a generalist or a specialist? There is nothing wrong with either career track, but you need to know yourself upfront and then produce content that spreads that message. Specialists tend to have an easier time honing their message and targeting their audience, but for some business owners, this is too limiting. If you specialize, know your niche and become the go-to expert in it.
  • Social media is your friend, even though it does take away from your typical day-to-day duties of running your business. Set a timer. Spend 15 to 30 minutes a day building your social media following and interacting with your friends and followers. Once you write a blog post, you have fodder for your social media platforms. Remember, though social media by definition is social. Do not use all of your social media posts to promote a “buy me” message. You will quickly lose friends and followers. Remember too, you want to share information posted by your followers, retweet topics of interest on your Twitter page. Engage and share information.
  • Know the quirks of each of your social media platforms. Quickly.. Facebook is more social, LinkedIn is more business, Google+ well, it’s a combination of both, Twitter is great for spreading the word quickly and interacting both socially and with business owners. If you are involved in a specific trade that has its own social media network, make certain you are a part of that.

Are you making the most of your time on social media? Are your blog posts and the content that you create garnering the “eyes on the page” that you want?

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